January 14, 2007

Anti-Cancer Chicken Eggs

Anti-cancer chicken eggs produced

The egg whites contain the anti-cancer protein

UK scientists have developed a breed of genetically-modified chickens capable of laying eggs containing proteins needed to make cancer-fighting drugs.

The breakthrough has been announced by the same team that created the cloned Dolly the Sheep.

The Roslin Institute, near Edinburgh, says it has created five generations of birds that can produce high levels of potentially life-saving proteins.

It means a range of drugs in greater volume could be produced much cheaper.

Professor Harry Griffin, director of the institute, said: "One of the characteristics of lots of medical treatments these days is that they're very expensive.

"The idea of producing the proteins involved in treatments of flocks of laying hens means they can produce in bulk, they can produce cheaply and indeed the raw material for this production system is quite literally chicken feed."

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